Can the Canvas card be used overseas?

Absolutely! The Canvas card can be used anywhere that accepts Visa, subjected to a small fee. *link to fee table*

Periodic Fees
Monthly Membership Fee per Canvas Account (charged to the credit card attached to the account) and it includes $0 charges for the first 6 top-ups, up to S$400. Thereafter, there is an additional fee of 1% of the top-up value or $1, whichever is higher. S$4.99
Administrative Fees
Overseas Transaction Fee* 1%
Currency Exchange Fee* 1%
Card Issuance and Set Up Fee Free
Card Replacement and Delivery Fee (lost, stolen or damaged) S$30.00
Administration fee for Chargeback processing TBC
ATM Access Not allowed
*the 1% fee is imposed by Visa
Maximum Parent Account balance S$1,000
Maximum Parent Account load per month S$1,000
Maximum Parent Account load value per day S$1,000
Annual load limit to Parent Account S$12,000

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